Sunday, December 6, 2009

How to Change Your Address When Moving From Home.

When you move from one place to another, you should know how to change your address so that you don't miss any important mailings. You must notify the U.S. Postal Service that you are moving. Changing your address is very easy and after you do so, all of your mail except magazines will be forwarded to your new home. Learn how to change your address and how to make sure you receive your magazines as well.

1) Obtain a Moving Kit from the post office. The kit has a form that you fill out with your name, current address and your new address. You must fill in the date that you want your mail to start being delivered at the new address. Give this form to your postal carrier. Send out the change of address cards supplied in the kit to your contacts.

2) Or change your address online at the Postal Service website (see Reference). You must give a change date, your name, current address, new address and your email address.

3) Change your address with magazine companies by using the form in the most recent edition that you have received. For the most part, the mail service will not forward magazines unless you pay the extra postage. It is recommended that you change these addresses yourself by contacting the publications.

Friday, December 4, 2009

How to ship your car to another state.

If you are relocating or just looking to move from one state to another, you will want to take your car with you. However, you will not want to drive your car cross-country unless you have extra time on your hands. You will probably want to find a way of transporting your car from one state to another at a good price. The following steps will help to learn how to ship a car to another state cheap.

1) Determine a carrier for your vehicle. There are multiple options to choose from when it comes to picking a carrier. You will need to see which ones will go where you need them. Carriers may be limited by the amount of weight or the size of the vehicles they can transport. Find eligible carriers to ship your car.

2) Look at the cost of transporting the vehicle with the different carriers. Some may offer discounts if you are shipping multiple vehicles. If you are using a moving company, they may be able to provide or recommend someone who can transport the vehicle for you. Often, these companies have relationships with each other, and deals are available if you ask. Make sure to look in and determine if there are hidden costs that are associated with this including insurance fees, one time upfront payments, administration costs or length of trip fees.

3) Use the pricing that they provide to determine what the cost would be to ship your vehicle based on size and weight. There will be different charges if you have a larger vehicle of course as they will base the pricing for your vehicle on a weight basis or through some other determination. Make sure that they are up front in regards to this and you do not get surprised in the end. Compare these costs to find the cheap ones.

4) Negotiate with the companies for a cheap rate for shipping the vehicle. Ask for discounts and deals they may be offering. Most of these companies are flexible enough to work with any budget you may have. Negotiate by showing the most trusted company the lowest quotes you've received. They are likely to drop the price.

5) Set a timetable for when you will be using the transportation service. You will want to be sure that the company will be able to have your car to where you will be when you get there or when you need it. At the same time, be flexible to get the lowest rate possible. This will get you cheap shipping of your car across state lines.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

How to pack your Television.

With televisions now costing so much money, they're often considered an investment and something you'd hate to break. Not only would you miss out on that all-important game, televisions can be quite expensive to fix. Follow these instructions for moving your television safely and effectively.

  1. While it may seem obvious, it's important to make sure that you have enough help to move the television. They're much heavier than you might think, and because they can be quite fragile, it's best to have some extra hands around.
  2. Collect enough blankets and/or furniture pads, which can be rented from a moving company or truck rental agency, to cover and protect the television in its entirety. I'd use a couple of pads.

    You may also need to rent or purchase lifting straps; again, a moving company, moving supplies store or truck rental agency should have them available. Using straps will depend on the weight of the television and how awkward it is to handle. Using padding, which is needed to protect the unit, will make it more difficult to handle.

  3. Place the padding or blankets on the floor. Set the television on top of the padding, standing in its usual position, then carefully wrap the television. You'll need a few sets of hands to keep the blanket or pad snug while someone else secures the padding with packing tape. Make sure you don't tape directly on to the TV; this could damage the screen.

  4. Attach the straps according to the instructions and make sure that the two people doing the lifting are capable of holding the weight. Keep the television in its upright position as you lift it.

    If the TV is too heavy or you're unsure if you can carry it to or from the truck, consider renting an appliance truck; this is a type of dolly that is capable of holding and moving up to 1,200 pounds. It also has kick-back wheels for extra support. I highly recommend using one, especially if you have stairs that you need to negotiate.

  5. If moving the television down a flight of stairs using an appliance truck, keep the base of the television pointing down the stairs with the screen leaning back. Make sure you use straps to hold it in place and that you measure the stairwell or width to ensure the television will fit.

  6. Once you have the television on the truck, make sure it's in a safe place where it won't move. Keep box corners and other sharp objects away from the screen.

    What You Need:

    • Packing Tape
    • Padding and/or Blankets
    • Lifting Straps
    • Appliance Truck
    • Patience

Monday, November 30, 2009

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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Welcome to Moving Companies Online

Welcome to!

Our moving directory provides a fast and a secure way to get a detailed moving quote from local moving companies that are located in the same zip code as your home or business is. Our team has gone through a long list of
Moving Companies who are licensed bonded and insured to operate locally in your county and that they are fully licensed by the department of transportation to go in and out of your state when you are moving long distance from state to state.

New home not ready yet? after submitting your moving estimate request ask our moving companies for a free quote on a storage unit, Not using moving companies and only looking to store a few items? request a moving estimate from out storage companies option.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Moving Supplies Moving Boxes

Moving Boxes: Find out what makes a moving box unique and why you need these types of boxes for your move

Moving Supplies: Boxes that you use for moving are unlike from other boxes because they are designed specially for loading and transporting items onto a moving van. Quality, all moving companies use standard sizes boxes to help them effectively fill up the truck space. Their experience helps them determine how many boxes and the type of boxes that will be needed to complete your move and then from this data they can determine how best to pack these boxes horizontally and vertically onto their trucks. Not-standard sizes create a much greater risk of 'dead weight' on the truck and that the boxes will shift during the move.

How You Shop for Moving Boxes on Draw up an inventory of what you need to pack so that you have an idea of the type and quantity of items you need moved. You can use our moving box calculator to help you get a sense of what you might need. You can also buy ready made moving kits that provide the right quantity of boxes and moving supplies for your move, and help your moving go easily.

What Should Go Into a Moving Box? Moving boxes are made out of single or double wall corrugated cardboard, the thicker the wall of the box the higher edge crush test rating the box will have. The higher the ECT rating shown on the flap of the box, the stronger the box is and the more stuff it can hold. As you would expect, Professional moving companies generally use moving boxes with at least a 32 ECT rating (or 200 lb test). Their ratings are standard across the box industry and offer you with comfort that the box with your household belongings is strong enough to survive the move. Boxes that have an ECT of less than 32 are not designed to be used for moving and should be avoided, if possible.

Moving Boxes and Supplies

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Miami Movers

Get in touch with the right Miami Mover from a list of local moving companies in Miami, FL

The most gorgeous city in Florida is Miami, FL. There is a large network of local moving companies more then the standard city anyplace in the U.S. especially in Dade county, Broward county and the Palm Beaches county because in the past couple of yeas south Florida took in more than 1000 people a week there for the demand for movers in Miami-Dade, Broward county, Palm Beach county, Naples, Tampa & Orlando grew very quick.

Miami Furniture Movers - Dade County moving services and moving supplies, boxes in Miami, FL

Moving Companies in Miami FL, suggest residential moving quotes that include a crew with a moving truck which are quoted to you based on an hourly rate if you are moving with in Miami-Dade county boarders or if you are moving from Miami to another city otherwise state then the moving company or the van lines agent will give you a moving estimate based on pounds. Whichever way you must compare your estimate with at least three other movers based in Miami or that have a license from the Broward county consumer affairs that allows them to work locally in Miami Broward County. For more info about Moving Supplies.

Miami Self moving services - cheap Miami Moving Supplies & Packing services Truck Rentals

Working with a tight budget? Not everybody can afford a full service moving company when moving out of Miami, Another choice is to use ABF U-Pack which offers self moving services, cheap moving supplies which you can purchase online from their website but they will not pack your goods for you, Packing and unpacking boxes must be done by you because this is the only way you will save on cost by saving professional labor. Most self services companies present you load they drive services so if you are up for it be prepare by packing up your personal goods in small, medium and dish boxes and not extra large boxes because after all you will have to do all the lifting once the truck arrives in Broward county Miami Florida. Looking for Truck Rentals.

Miami Car Shipping - Auto Transport Movers & Local Car shipping companies in Broward County Miami, FL

Most Miami Car shipping companies can carry eight cars at a time some companies can carry ten cars at once so knowing when to ship your car out of Miami is very key, Every auto transport company in Miami that ships their cars out of Dade county has to fill up they tractor trailer all the way in arrange to make the most out of their journey up north so all the time ask them if they are filled because if their truck is not filled you might be able to haggle a little bit better when shipping a car from Miami FL, to out of state.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Moving Company

Looking for Moving Companies and getting free quotes has never been easier, even though choosing the right moving company can be a difficult route. If you're going cross-country or just moving cross-town, the moving process can be quite frustrating and stressful from start to finish. is here to help you make the decisions for the best possible move to help you find your moving company.

Finding the most appropriate and fully licensed Moving_Company can be a complex procedure. It involves research, and time you just don't have right now. Face it; we all have busy lives, and spending hours gathering information on 6 different moving companies can take weeks. In just a few clicks, will put you in contact with the moving company in your area and have the expertise to complete your relocation on time and within your budget. The moving company you'll receive information from have been pre-screened for full compliance with State and Federal regulations and have the required insurance to perform your move.

If you need something other than a residential moving company, can help you there as well. We also provide information and quotes from Auto Transport Companies, Storage Facilities, International Moving Companies, Moving Supply Companies, Self-Moving Services, and Corporate Movers. We make it easier to find moving companies.