Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Orlando Movers

How do you really choose the right moving company? There are cheap ones and there are not so cheap ones. Do you look for a cheap Orlando moving company and maybe risk the chance of getting poor service or do you go with the more expensive route and maybe get better service.

Below are some questions you should ask before making that big decision as it could save you hundreds or could save you from replacing your furniture.

1.) How do you charge?

2.)Why do you charge that way?

3.)What happens if anything is lost,broken or stolen?

These are three questions you should ask any Orlando Movers. If you ask these 3 questions you’ll get some good feedback whether or not the company is a good one and gives you a good Orlando movers reviews.


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  2. Excellent advice. Using a reputable moving company is important- this is coming from somebody who grew up moving around! Finding cheap moving companies can be a real challenge, but I find that US-1 Van Lines fits the bill.

  3. This is great advice. As somebody who is currently looking for a moving company this will come in handy. Now that I know the key questions to ask, I know I'll be getting the best deal possible.

  4. This is pretty awesome. Moving companies are becoming increasing popular. I think it is because over the last several years they have become much more affordable, and the services are getting bigger and better. You even start to hear about celebrities cashing in on the service. I heard that Alan Rickman used this moving company when he was working on the new Harry Potter movie!

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