Friday, January 8, 2010

How to pack your Computer!

Back up all the files on your computer.
Your computer company may recommend that you "park" your hard drive. That means using a special program (possibly called "SHIP.EXE") that makes recording heads in the hard drive pull back from the data area into a "safer" area of the CPU.
Pack your disks in a separate box, but not with anything magnetic.
Bundle cables and wires together, and color code them to their matching holes. This will make it easy to reconnect them in your new home.
If your computer's completely cooled off, put each component part in a plastic bag to keep dirt out during the move, then inside the foam forms in their original boxes. Fit cables and other accessories in the sides of each box and fill with peanuts.
If you don't have the original boxes, use the double-box method. First, fill the smaller of the two boxes with Styrofoam peanuts. Then place the "bagged" monitor or CPU in the middle of this box. Be sure to fill any empty space, so that the computer component does not touch the sides of the box. Then place cables in the box. After doing this, close and seal the box. Then fill the second (and larger) box with peanuts and place the first box inside of it.
If you have a small printer, you can pack it with your CPU. Be sure to remove the printer cartridges. If your printer uses pins to form-feed paper, leave the paper in during the move to keep the pins in place.
Mark each box "Fragile - Computer." Now you're finished!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

How to get FREE Moving Supplies!

Boxes that you use for moving are unlike from other boxes because they are designed specially for loading and transporting items onto a moving van. Quality, all moving companies use standard sizes boxes to help them effectively fill up the truck space. Their experience helps them determine how many boxes and the type of boxes that will be needed to complete your move and then from this data they can determine how best to pack these boxes horizontally and vertically onto their trucks. Not-standard sizes create a much greater risk of 'dead weight' on the truck and that the boxes will shift during the move. The best way to get free moving supplies is when you book a moving company tell them i want (example) you need 20 mid boxes and 10 rolls of tape, they will give that to you for free because it cost them $0.20 per box they will do that to book with you. good luck ... Free Moving Supplies